Monday, 4 September 2017

Getting ready for Spring 2017: July...

I was away for the first half of this year taking care of little Miss Tropical Girl while her Mum went back to work full time. Returning to Frostyland from the Tropics in the middle of winter took some adjustment!! 😱
As I had cleared out all the beds before I left I was now ready to start sorting things out around the garden.

Saturday July 1:
Many of the beds were thickly covered with nettles so I lifted them, rough chopped and dug them into the soil to rot down (instant green manure!!!).
I found a small handful of Potato Onions that had survived my absence and planted these out in a wicking bed which had three surviving Parsley plants growing in it.

Monday July 3:
Bought and potted up Kale, Broccoli and Silverbeet seedlings put them in the Greenhouse to grow a bit bigger before facing the frosty mornings.

Tuesday July 18:
Planted out Broccoli, Silverbeet and Kale seedlings in a wicking bed in the shade tunnel.
Divided up some Clumping Onions/Shallots from the garden and planted them  out in a more convenient position by the back entrance.

Thursday July 27:
Seeds sown into punnets on a shelf in Greenhouse:
Lettuce: Red Romaine, Dov
Salad Burnet
Summer Savory
Cleared weeds from a wicking bed full of Egyptian Onions.

Monday July 31:
Planted out seedlings of Kale and Silverbeet in a newly made wicking bed in the Shade Tunnel

July Harvest:
Shallot greens
Flat Leaf Parsley
Curl Leaf Parsley

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