Thursday, 12 December 2019

Remember November?

After the driest Spring on record (See Here
the garden shade is set up for the long hot summer to come... 

The end of November also means the end of Spring in Scarecrow's Garden and a time that should see all the summer seedlings planted out. The weather fluctuates between horrendous heat with wind (and fire danger) and beautiful spring days...and not much rain. Chilly mornings mean the cucurbits (pumpkins and squash) are struggling as they prefer minimum temperatures to be over 10C but they should take off next month as temperatures warm up. For sowing pumpkin seeds directly the soil temperature should be over 15C.

Rainfall November 13.8mm (av 27.7mm)
Year to date total 177.8mm (YTD 2018 184mm)
Coldest morning 3C on the 5th
Warmest day 40C on the 20th
20 Minimum Temperatures under 10C 

Mignonette Lettuces and Strawberries enjoying the shade under the Loganberry Canes

Mainly greens that are added to salads, stirfries, juices.
Beetroot greens
Potatoes (bandicooted)
Spring Onion Greens
Egyptian Onion Greens

Bandicooted (dug around in the pot to get new potatoes without disturbing the main plant) Potatoes from the potato wicking pots in the greenhouse 

Total of 84 Eggs from the girls (we lost one of the layers this month)

Harvesting a punnet of Loganberries each day for the freezer

Purchased plants/seeds this month:
Free seeds from Diggers Club:
Four O'Clock Broken Colours Mirabilis jalapa
Free Gambler's Herbs Chives Allium schoenoprasum
Pumpkin Buttercup Cucurbita maxima
Rockmelon Ha-ogen Cucumis melo

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Last Half of November 2019

More Shade Covers this time near the Chook Runs...
...over the Pond and the Asparagus Bed 

Saturday 16th
Put up Shade cloth covers over the Asparagus Bed and Pond in the Chook Block garden.

Sunday 17th
Watered Worm Farm with rainwater in preparation of the coming heat. Used the run off as a liquid feed (watered down further with rainwater) on new seedlings around the garden.
Chopped Lucerne from edge plantings and used it (along with the first cut of the Comfrey and Valerian for the season)  as mulch on Beds 9, 14 and 15. This feeding mulch was topped of with a layer of Certified Organic Sugar Cane mulch.
Planted out Amaranth and Sorrel seedlings around the Asparagus bed in the Chook Block near the chook run. This now has irrigation connected and a shade cover.

Mulching with chopped Lucerne, Comfrey and Valerian fresh from the garden

Thursday 21st
Planted out around the fruit trees on the Chook Block: Cuttings (or seedlings) taken earlier this season
Aptinia Mesembryanthemum cordifolium
Arctotis Yellow
Cape Mallow Anisodontea capensis
Daisy Argyranthemum frutescens
Lucerne Medicago sativa
Mountain Gold Perennial Alyssum Lobularia montanum 
Pink Lady finger Grape
Red Ruby Grape
Roman Wormwood  Artemisia pontica
Santolina Santolina chamaecyparissus (syn. S. incana)
Warrigal Greens (New Zealand Spinach) Tetragonia tetragonoides
White Sage Salvia apiana
Long Sweet Yellow Capsicums planted in bed 4 from shop bought seedlings

Saturday 23rd
Potted up:
Lucerne (Alfalfa) Medicago sativa seedlings

Wednesday 27th
Planted out:
Nasturtiums in various beds
Took cuttings:
Curry Bush Helichrysum italicum

The first Cucumber from Bed 18

Friday, 22 November 2019

First Half of November 2019

Tomato seedlings took off once planted out and are now setting fruit

Planting out is almost complete with some extra direct seeding of beans in many of the beds.
The weather was settled for most of this fortnight...that gave me a chance to further prep for the coming heat of summer.

Kent Pumpkins planted out in Bed 10

California Wonder Capsicums and Phacelia in Bed 14 

Tuesday 5th
Planted out:
California Wonder Capsicums and Phacelia in Bed 14
Kent Pumpkins in Bed 10
Catalogna Chicory, Phacelia, Cosmos and Zinnia in Bed 7
Dark Opal Basil in Bed 3
Italian Mixed Fryer Capsicums  in Bed 4
Mixed Cucumbers and Yellow Button Squash in Bed 16
Phacelia and Dark Opal Basil in Bed 19
Phacelia in Bed 15
Phacelia, Cosmos and Zinnia in Bed 6

Mixed Cucumbers and Yellow Button Squash plated out in Bed 16

Direct Sowed:
Kentucky Wonder Wax Climbing Beans in Bed 17 top up where earwigs have taken the seedlings
Purple King Climbing Beans in Bed 2
Yard Long Snake Beans in Bed 14 top up where earwigs have taken the seedlings

Thursday 7th
Planted out cuttings:
Cotton Lavender Santolina chamaecyparissus
Lucerne (Alfalfa) Medicago sativa
Perennial Sweet Pea Pink
Red Pelargonium
Scented Pelargonium (Nutmeg?)
Planted in the bed at the base of the Grapevines that grow on the back pergola

Friday 8th
Potted up Cuttings:
Grapevines Pink Lady Finger and Ruby Red
Cape Mallow Anisodontea capensis
White Sage Salvia apiana

Saturday 9th
Planted out:
Clary Sage
Garden Sorrel
Moldavian Dragonhead
Scented Pelargoniums
Around the edges of the beds
Cos Verdi Lettuce
In the shade tunnel

Earwig damage and control 
Collection in buckets from hose traps (see here)
and oil/water mix in shallow tins trap them overnight

Tuesday 12th
Direct Sowed:
Beans Dwarf Phaseolus vulgaris Golden Wax
Into Beds 16, 18, 13, 9
Beans Dwarf Phaseolus vulgaris Provider
into Bed 19
Zucchini Curcurbita pepo Lebanese and Cocozelle
into Bed 17 where earwigs are decimating the seedlings
and also sown in pots (cut down 2 litre juice bottles) as backups
Cuttings Taken:
Silver Bush Convolvulus cneorum (Info here)

Thursday 14th
Planted out:
Kent Pumpkins  into Bed 9

Extreme heat on way next week from

Friday 15th
Sewed hems on more shade cloth to cover all the beds extreme heat on way next week

Okinawa Spinach Gynura crepioides
Re-sprouting after spending winter in the Shade Tunnel 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Where Did October Go?

With temperatures on the rise it's time to get the shadecloth sorted over the new beds.

The end of October also means the end of the second month of Spring in Scarecrow's Garden and time to start Spring Planting. Daytime temps are rising but mornings are still quite cool. Any early planting will need to be covered if the temperature is due to drop overnight.

Rainfall October 3.2mm (av 33mm)
Year to date total 164mm (2018 YTD 146.8mm)
Coldest morning 0.7C on the 9th Oct
Warmest day 35.9C on the 5th Oct
3 potential frosty mornings

With temps like this in the Greenhouse it's time to empty it...

Mainly greens that are added to salads, stirfries, juices.
Silverbeet (chard)
Sugarsnap Peas
Snow Peas
Spring Onion Greens
Egyptian Onion Greens

Total   127 Eggs from the girls

SnowPeas and SugarSnaps

Purchased plants this month:
Lamb's Ears Stachys byzantina Which was divided to make 4 plants

Friday, 8 November 2019

Last Half of October 2019

Beds 11 and 12 all planted up now and growing away

Tuesday 15th
Planted out:
Black Seeded Climbing Snake Beans into Bed 14 on obelisk and in corners
Kentucky Wonder Wax Climbing Beans along trellis in Bed 17
Purple King Climbing Beans in cage on Bed 2
Bush Cherokee Wax Beans in centre of Bed 15

Sunday 20th
Planted out:
2 Sugarlump Cherry Tomato seedlings to grow on the arch trellis on Bed 11 and 2 Chive plants on the corners.
2 Sugarlump Cherry Tomato seedlings to grow on the other side of the arch trellis on bed 12 and 4 Muncher Burpless Cucumber seedlings to grow up the obelisk in this bed.
2 Muncher Burpless Cucumbers seedlings in obelisk in Bed 13
6 Roma Tomato seedlings on the edge of the Bush Cherokee Wax Beans in Bed 15
6 San Marzano Tomato seedlings in the cage on Bed 19

Tuesday 22nd
Planted out:
4 Okinowa Spinach Gynura bicolor (cuttings overwintered) and Cosmos Bright Lights around the outside of the tomato cage (San Marzano tomatoes) on Bed 19
Marigolds around the edge of Bed 15 near the Roma tomatoes
2 Mini White Cucumber in obelisk on Bed 13 where the parsnips still haven't come up

Potted up:
Agastache Agastache rugosa Licorice Blue

Sown: (from Woolies freebie packs Discovery Garden) with the help of the 3 big Grandies who were staying with us:

Watching coir soil pellets grow is an amazing pastime for twin 9 year olds and a 7 year old 

Wednesday 23rd
Strong winds forecast for tomorrow so I "tied in" all the tomatoes using strips of cotton interlock fabric .

Saturday 26th
Correa (not sure which type just that it is a survivor)
Pink Jasmine Jasminum polyanthum

Sunday 27th
Planted out:
4 Hungarian Heart Tomatoes into the cage on Bed 9
2 Market Supreme Eggplant at front of the cage on bed 9
4 Nasturtiums at rear of the cage on bed 9
Mixed Cucumbers in cage on bed 18
Purple King Beans on the arch trellis next to Tomatoes in Beds 11 and 12
Potted up:
Basil Ocimum basilicum - Thai

Monday 28th
2 Sugarlump Cherry Tomato seedlings to grow on the trellis at the back of Bed 3
5 Ida Gold Dwarf Cherry Tomatoes in Bed 3
3 Mitsuba Cryptotaenia japonica  (aka Japanese Parsley) in Bed 3

Tuesday 29th
Sewed hems on shadecloth and put up new shades over garden beds

Wednesday 30th
Planted Fryer's Mixed Capsicums in Bed 4 in the Shade Tunnel
Planted 1 Golden Zucchini, 2 Lebanese Zucchini and 2 Cocozelle Zucchini into Bed 17

All grownup now "Microman" loves cuddling the chooks


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