Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Boxful of Seeds

A boxful of seeds has been donated to our Community Garden by Mr Fothergill's Seeds...I have started sowing some to take up as early spring seedlings.

Seeds Sown:
Borage Blue Borago officinalis from Home Saved Seeds
Cosmos Purity Cosmos bipinnatus from DT Brown
Marvel of Peru Mirabilis jalapa from Home Saved Seeds
Nasturtium Milkmaid Tropaeolum majus from Home Saved Seeds
Californian Bluebell Phacelia tanacetifolia from Green Harvest
Pumpkin Anna Swartz Cucurbita maxima from Diggers
Pumpkin Golden Nugget Cucurbita maxima from Johnson's Seeds*
Pumpkin Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Cucurbita moschata from Diggers
Pumpkin Wrinkled Butternut Cucurbita moschata from Diggers
Other seeds from pumpkins grown at the community gardens in our town and a nearby one.
Squash Spaghetti Cucurbita pepo from Diggers
Sunflower Giant Russian Helianthus annuus from Select Organic
Zucchini Black Beauty Cucurbita pepo from Diggers
Zucchini Lebanese Cucurbita pepo from Mr Fothergill's*
Zucchini Tondo di Piacenza Cucurbita pepo from Mr Fothergill's*
Zucchini Tromboncino Cucurbita pepo from Diggers
Seeds marked * are being grown for the community garden from seeds very generously donated by Mr Fothergill's Seeds...they donated a whole box of interesting seeds for use in the garden.

The next lot of propagation will be Seeds of Root crops which can be sown from the 12th until the 14th of September.

General Seed Raising info Here on this link

For Moon Planting information please see the 2014 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide by Thomas Zimmer available for purchase from sites online including:
Greenpatch Organic Seeds
The New Oracle
Warm Earth Magazine


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