Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pea Pre-sprouts

Well so far so good with the pre-sprouted Peas...they were placed on a moist paper towel, wrapped up and put into a ziplock bag (not sealed) and left inside.
I had to leave them over the weekend so the shoots were slightly longer than I would have liked. I made sure the soil was wet before planting them out and kept them cool under some shadecloth so here's hoping they grow!

Seeds Sown:
Mar 12:

Broad Beans Coles Early Dwarf
Vicia faba from DT Brown
Broad Beans Scarlet Cambridge Vicia faba  from Home Saved Seeds
into loo roll holders
Climbing Snow Peas Mammoth Melting Pisum sativum from Mr Fothergill's that were pre-spouted before planting out into Bed 7

Planting Out:
Cauliflower 60 Days
Cauliflower Violet Sicilian
into Bed 10

Perpetual Spinach 
into Bed 7

The next lot of propagation will be Seeds of Root crops  which can be sown from the 18th until the 21st of March. When I shall  be planting my main crop of Garlic. Seeds of beetroot and radish might find themselves being sown too and I should try some Onions from seed this year. As this phase is also good for sowing perennial herbs I might try some of those.
I'll also try to fit in taking some cuttings during this moon phase as it is a good time for making strong root growth.

General Seed Raising information Here on this link
For hints on Taking Cuttings see This Link

For Moon Planting information please see the 2014 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide by Thomas Zimmer available for purchase from sites online including:
Greenpatch Organic Seeds
The New Oracle
Warm Earth Magazine


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