Sunday, 9 March 2014

Autumn Arrives

With only a couple of dozen fruit on the William Pear tree this year I haven't bothered to net the tree, instead I have put a tiny organza bag over the individual fruit...seems to have kept the birds and bugs off well. Thank you to the lovely reader who gave me that hint!

With the cooler weather I have put a couple of pots of Kangkong (Ipomea aquatica) into the bathtub in the Shaded Water Garden. The tub is rather overgrown with Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and I think there are a couple of Water Chestnuts still growing in there too!!

Seeds Sown:
Mar 5th:

Alyssum Carpet of Snow Lobularia maritima DTBrown
Alyssum Royal Carpet Lobularia maritima The Seed Collection
Celery Chinese Broadleaf Brassica juncea Greenpatch Organic Seeds
Chervil Curled Anthriscus cerefolium The Lost Seed
Corn Salad Valerianella locusta Greenpatch Organic Seeds
Coriander Coriandrum sativum The Seed Collection
Lettuce Freckles Lactuca sativa Greenpatch Organic Seeds
Lettuce Purple Oak Leaf Lactuca sativa Greenpatch Organic Seeds
Mesclun Mix Lettuce Lactuca sativa Greenpatch Organic Seeds
Parcel (Smallage, Cutting, Leaf or Wild Celery) Apium graveolens secalinum Home Saved Seeds
Red Clover Trifolium pratense Phoenix Seeds

March 6th:
Cress American Upland  Barbarea verna Cornucopia
Endive Salad King Chichorium endiva Eden Seeds
Hollyhock "Nelly" Alcea rosea from Nelly Saved Seeds (thank you Nelly)
Spinach Galilee Spinacia oleracea Green Harvest
White Mustard Sinapis alba syn Brassica alba or Brassica hirta Eden Seeds

Planting Out:

Kale seedlings Vates Blue Curled and Tuscan Black into Bed 2

Silverbeet Erbette seedlings into half of Bed 3 the other half still has Dwarf Beans growing...these have grown so well through the heat of summer that I intend to save these seeds for future sowing.

The next lot of propagation will be Seeds of Fruiting crops  which can be sown from the 10th until lunchtime on  the 12th of March.
This time I shall be sowing some pea seeds and may have to pre-sprout them as in this link. On that link they are pre-sprouting seeds because of cold soil with me it's because the weather is still a bit too hot for direct sowing peas!
I shall also sow some Broad Bean seeds into loo rolls for planting out as soon as they are large enough. 

General Seed Raising Here on this link
For Moon Planting information please see the 2014 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide by Thomas Zimmer available for purchase from sites online including:
Greenpatch Organic Seeds
The New Oracle
Warm Earth Magazine

For information on what to plant in many regions around the world just visit Gardenate and choose the area where you live from the drop down menu at point 1 on this page.


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