Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bring on the Rain...

Looks like rain IS going to happen at last to put the Bangor Fire out See Here
It has been burning for over a month threatening many nearby townships in the Southern Flinders district. It has been a terrible month of endless heat as the CFS  heroes battled against this monstrous beast of a fire. Let's hope these amazing folks can finally get some rest. So too the poor landholders in the path of this fire...many haven't slept properly during the whole month!!!
Read Doc's wonderful tribute to the firies on this link

No Fruit sowing this time it just wasn't worth it during 40C heat...but just near the end as it started to drizzle I popped in a few extra Greens seeds. According to the Zimmer Moon Chart sowing of Greens and Fruiting seeds during the first and second moon quarters can be interchanged...but should still happen during a fertile sign! 

Seeds Sown:
Feb 12:

Broccoli Romanesco Brassica oleracea var. italica - Cornucopia...because the other seeds failed to germinate
Cabbage Portugal Summer Couve Tronchuda Brassica oleracea tronchuda - Eden Seeds...because I still haven't had any of these germinate...third time lucky maybe???
Cauliflower 'Sixty Days' Brassica oleracea var. botrytis - Green Harvest...because the last lot grew too fast and were not suitable to pot on. I have time to sow more so I can be fussy and get good seedling growth.

Potting On:
Cauliflower Mini
Cauliflower Violet Sicilian
Collards Champion
Kale Tuscan Black
Kale Red Russian
Kale Vates Blue Curled

The next lot of propagation will be Seeds of Root crops  which can be sown from the 18th until the 22nd of February. When I shall  be dividing and planting some Shallots and an early planting of Garlic. As this phase is also good for sowing perennial herbs I might try some of those.
And another small sowing of Radish and Beetroot can go in if I can find some room.

General Seed Raising Here on this link

Potting on lots of seedlings and protecting them from pests!!

At last a chance to uncover those Carrots and Beetroot that were sown on Jan 22nd they haven't seen the sun yet!!

For Moon Planting information please see the 2014 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide by Thomas Zimmer available for purchase from sites online including:
Greenpatch Organic Seeds
The New Oracle
Warm Earth Magazine


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