Thursday, 2 January 2014

Update: Dec 8 - 31, 2013

The Trombone Grammas have taken off in the Compost filled Tank (bed 19) in the Old Chook Run Garden. They are watered via a clay pot in buried in the middle of the bed.

Weather Highlights:
Lowest Min 8.1C
Highest Min 28.1C
Lowest Max 23.5C
Highest Max 42.4C
17.5 mm Rain

I have put shade cloth covers (mostly 50% shadecloth) over most of the beds on the extremely hot days and also over the 3 new trees that were planted last winter...cherry, apple and pear. 

Potting On/Up:

Rockmelon (Cantaloupe) Purchased seedlings
Some sprouting Ginger root pieces into pots until I find somewhere to plant them...

Planting out:
Silverbeet bright Lights Home Grown Seedlings and Egyptian Spinach HG Seedlings planted into a recycling tub planter under the back Pergola
Thyme, Parsley, Pineapple Sage, Chives and Lemon Thyme planted into pots under the back Pergola
Mouse Melon (Cucamelons) HG seedlings and Nasturtium HG seedlings planted into a wicking tub under the back Pergola

Rosemary Pink
Ivy Pelargonium Red
Roma Tomato

The Turmeric Curcuma longa has finally started to sprout even though it has been in the greenhouse all winter.

After an Earwig attack these (direct sown) Apple Cucumbers have recovered and are now flowering.

These Bushy Cucumbers where sown into small pots in the greenhouse and are now beginning to set fruit.

More great growth on these Pumpkins that were started in the Greenhouse. Everything seems to catch up at this time of the year. There is some Sorghum growing in that bed somewhere!


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