Thursday, 2 January 2014

Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: December 2013:

In the Garden This Month:
Ripe tomatoes for Christmas
Tomatoes growing
Sweetcorn nearly ready
Beans and Tomatoes...Beds 2&3

A measly excuse for a Sunflower...the earwigs ate the rest
Lowest Min 7.4C
Highest Min 28.1C
Lowest Max 20.4C
Highest Max 42.4C
29.5 mm Rain

Rain: Year To Date: 376.5mm (Average YTD: 311.6mm)
Comparison with other years: December average is 25.7 mm:
2013 29.5mm
2012 24.5mm
2011 68.5mm
2010 43.5mm
2009   4mm
2008 44.9mm
2007 26mm
2006 19mm

Weather Highlights?
With several days of 40C plus heat where we have had UV Alerts between and  5.30pm with the UV index reaching 13 (Extreme), any gardening has to be done before or after those times as it's much too hot outside!

Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making. For Salads, Juice and Stirfries I have been picking Silverbeet, Gotu Kola, Lettuce, Kale, Spring Onion Greens and Lebanese Cress which are not always weighed.
Beans 182g
Kale 785g
Onions 205g
Shallots 75
Tomatoes 197g
Zucchini Black 225g
Zucchini Cocozelle 339g
Zucchini Golden 1321g

Total Veg Harvest for December 3.3Kg

Apricots 2419g
Cherries 1405g
Figs 160g
Plums 2571g

Total Fruit Harvest for December 6.2Kg

Total Eggs for December:
  46 eggs.
20 From the 1 Farmyard Feral
26 From the 3 Faverolles

December of Previous Years:

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