Monday, 9 December 2013

Update: Dec Week 1, 2013

I have lots of tiny tomatoes developing around the, in Bed 3, the Red Collossus fruits are growing quickly.

Weather Highlights:
Lowest Min 7.4C
Highest Min 19.6C
Lowest Max 20.4C
Highest Max 40.3C
12mm Rain

The first week of summer has brought some stormy rain after a couple of very hot days.
The stormy weather brought all the snails out of hiding...

Here is how you can tell if the silvery trails in your garden are from slugs or snails...from


Basil Sweet Genovese Ocimum basilicum From Mr Fothergill's (Seed Mats)

This is my favourite little garden bed just by the back door...with Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Bushy Cucumbers, Casper Eggplant (white), Long Purple Eggplant, Chilli Shake Chillies and a couple of Minette Basil seedlings. It has recently been mulched with sugarcane which has led to a bit of earwig damage but the plants are big enough now to withstand a few holey leaves. I am looking forward to the first harvests from this bed.

The first Zucchinis for the year have been harvested and eaten...


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