Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Update: Nov 1 - 15, 2013

Cherry Tree Net  is already up ...those nasty winged creatures are not getting every single cherry like they did last year! With the fruit just turning red the birds were already visiting ARGH!!!

Weather Highlights:
Lowest Min 1.2C
Highest Min 12.1C
Lowest Max 18.4C
Highest Max 34.9C
No Recorded Rain


Amaranth Red Mekong Amaranthus gangeticus Home Saved Seed
Cosmos Candy Stripe and Purity Cosmos bipinnatus from Mr Fothergills
Nasturtium Gleam Trailing Tropaeolum majus from Goodman Seeds
Nasturtium Jewel Mixed  Tropaeolum majus from DT Brown
Sunflower Giant Russian and Sunfola Helianthus annuus from Select Organic
Cucumber Crystal Apple Cucumis sativus  Mr Fothergill's
Cucumber Suyo Long  Cucumis sativus  Home Saved Seed
Cucumber Mini White  Cucumis sativus  4Seasons Seeds

Planting out:
Beans Tongues of Fire and Gourmet Delight Home Grown (HG) seedlings as top up planting in Bed 3
Beans Domino HG Seedlings in Bed with the Sweetcorn in Bed 9
Capsicum California Wonder x4 and Sweet Chocolate x2 HG Seedlings  into bed 5
Capsicum Sweet Paprika x6 and Purple Basil x3 HG Seedlings in Bed 13
Celery purchased seedlings went into the Bathtub Bed and the spare Wicking Bed in the Orchard Area
Cucumber Mini White x4 HG Seedlings  into bed 3
Pumpkin Butternut x6 HG Seedlings  into bed 4
Cucumber Bushy x3, Tomato Yellow Baby Pear x2, Chilli Shake x2, Eggplant Casper x1. Eggplant Long Purple x1 and a couple of Basil Minette plants into Bed 6 all  HG Seedlings 
Zucchini Early HG Seedlings  into bed 8
in the Almond area

Lots of seedlings planted out in the garden...most have their own protective container!

Bushy Cucumbers in Bed 6 have a crate to climb up...the Tomatoes either side will be trained to the archway next to the bed.

The BathTub bed is a mass of production this year with Lettuces, Tomatoes, Onions, Celery and Basil. Around the base the flowers are blooming and attracting beneficial insects.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Scarecrow's Garden Journal Notes: October 2013:

October Growth:
The Tomatoes are off and growing despite the cold mornings we have been having this month.
These Bendigo Drop F6* started the month still in the greenhouse, now they are in their permanent positions and all are bearing flowers!

Temperatures this month:

Lowest Min -1.8C
Highest Min 17.4C
Lowest Max 14C
Highest Max 36.3C
13.5 mm Rain

Rain: Year To Date: 343.5mm (Average YTD: 269.2mm)
Comparison with other years:
October Average is 29mm:
2013 13.5mm
2012 11mm
2011 26.5mm
2010 57.5mm
2009 58mm
2008 3mm
2007 15.5mm

Weather Highlights?
Most of the rain fell on the morning of the first of October since then we have had no more than 1mm on any day!
Taking 2C as the potential frost temperature we have had 10 potentially frosty mornings this month...add on a couple more just above 2C and I have had a lot of covering and uncovering of new seedlings to do this month but so far no frost damage.

Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making. For Salads, Juice and Stirfries I have been picking Silverbeet, Celery, Coriander, Cress, Gotu Kola, Lettuce, Kale, Parsley, Beetroot  Leaves and Lebanese, Upland and Water-Cress which are not always weighed. 
Asparagus 510g
Beetroot 265g
Broad Beans 1504g
Celery 68g
Garlic 1650g
Kale 250g
Spring Onions 156g
Sugar Snap Peas 330g

Total Veg Harvest for October 4.6Kg

Strawberries 282g

Total Fruit Harvest for October 282g

Total Eggs for October:   62 eggs.
20 From the 1 Farmyard Feral
42 From the 3 Faverolles

October of Previous Years:

Direct sown Sweetcorn Has been covered on any night that the forecast hints of frost. Seen here on the 1st and 29th of October.

In Wicking Bed 3 the Red Colossus Tomatoes were an early planting but are growing well beneath their Vege Net cover.

To see What is planted Where in the Garden check out the newest Map of our place HERE

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*These Tomatoes are part of the Dwarf Tomato Project to read more about it go here

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Update: October 16 - 31, 2013

Springtime means Earwigs in the garden. Just when you are trying to plant out tender young seedlings...they disappear over night if not protected. Trapping the earwigs in tins of water with oil is one way of reducing their numbers when you don't have time to be checking hose traps everyday!

Weather Highlights:

Lowest Min -1.8C
Highest Min 17.4C
Lowest Max 16.4C
Highest Max 36.3C
2.5mm Rain

I think the numbers above tell the story...frost one day then hot the next...usual for this time of the year.


Beans Climbing Snake Black Seeded Vigna unguiculata var. sequipedalis Eden Seeds
Beans Climbing Snake Red Dragon Vigna unguiculata var. sesquipedalis Green Harvest
Beans Dwarf Gourmet Delight Phaseolus vulgaris New Gippsland Seeds
Beans Dwarf Tongues of Fire Phaseolus vulgaris New Gippsland Seeds
Beans Winged Psophocarpus tetragonolobus Green Harvest
Chickpeas White Cicer arietinum Select Organic
Mouse Melon Mexican Sour Gherkin Melothria scabra 4Seasons Seeds
Most of the Beans were direct sown but a back up of 6-8 of each were sown in the greenhouse...just as well since most of the climbers have been eaten by earwigs as they emerge!

Potting On/Up:
Cossack Pineapple Physalis pruinosa volunteer seedlings

Planting out:
Basil Large Leaf Italian
Tomato Roma x 3
Tomato Tommy Toe x 4
Into Bed 7
Tomato Kotlas x 4
Tomato Money Maker x 2
Tomato Black Krim x 2
Into the spare Wicking Bed in the Orchard Area
Pumpkin/Squash mix
Wangaporoa Crown, Sampson, Trombone, Spaghetti Squash, 
Into the Compost (Bed 20)  in the Almond Area Garden
Zucchini Golden x 2
Zucchini Black x 2
Zucchini Cocozelle x 2
Into Bed 10

Rock Rose Pink
Daisy Pink

When Bed 6 was cleared it was full of earwigs...so the Faverolles came out and cleaned it up! Then I needed to top up the bed with more compost worms since they didn't just eat the earwigs!

The garden has been full of Hoverflies (Family Syrphidae) this year...here they are visiting the Loganberry Flowers

When started to cut back the Carob tree we found it was covered with pods this year.

The Strawberries are ripening...yum!


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