Thursday, 16 May 2013

Update: May Week 2

I have taken down all the shade cloth covers and stored them away for winter.  As you can see things are happening with the downsize!


Lowest Min 6.3C
Highest Max 27.1C
9.5 mm Rain

We have had a little rain but now it is really getting cold!


Broad Beans
Coles Dwarf and Early Long Pod Vicia faba from DTBrown sown into the Tank Wicking Beds (4&5) for Green Manure
Radish Beauty Heart Raphanus sativus from Mr Fothergills
Radish Nero Tondo Raphanus sativus from Southern Harvest
Radish French Breakfast Raphanus sativus from DT Brown
Sown into a Wicking Box

Potting on:
Pansy Carrington Deveruax Purchased seedlings
Stocks Dwarf Mixed Purchased seedlings
Coreopsis Early Sunrise Purchased seedlings
Calendula Lemon Daisy seedlings
Tagasate seedlings that had volunteered in my Bathtub Bed!

Gooseberries Captivator
White Currant

Mondo Grass
Catnip Nepeta cataria

Planted out:
Silverbeet Erbette x 8
Sorrel French x 1
Sorrel Garden x 1
Sorrel Red Veined x 3
Sweet Peas x 9 not edible but may add a little nitrogen to the soil

These seedlings went into a bed in the old main veg area that I haven't moved yet!! This bed is growing greens for the chooks.

Kale Red Bor x 3 and Vates Blue x 4
Lettuces Red and Green Salad x 3
Leeks Sleek - Purcashed seedlings - small punnet
Corriander - Purchased plant - 1 pot of many seedlings
Planted into the new Wicking Bed (no 13) in the Kitchen Garden
Catnip Nepeta cataria - division planted into the new herb area next to the Fridge Beds
Small Garlic cloves and Elephant Garlic cloves planted into the new herb area next to the Fridge Beds

With the forecast at 90% chance of a decent amount of rain I set out on Saturday morning to get lots done before it came. I needed to get the last Wicking Worm Bed made up ready for planting out the Kale. 
Most of planting for winter is now complete, there will be some more onions to go in but they will wait until winter. 
I can relax now :)


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