Thursday, 9 May 2013

Update: May Week 1

Pots are being sorted and tidied...potted on and cuttings taken. Any frost intolerant plants have been tucked up in the greenhouse for winter. May is here and the morning frosts can't be far away.

Lowest Min 4.9C
Highest Max 25.6C
No Recorded Rain 

The weather remains warm for this time of the year but a change this weekend is set to bring winter weather with rain!

Potting on:

Thyme seedlings
Gypsophila seedlings
Strawberry Runners

Cotton Lavender Santolina chamaecyparissus syn S. incana
Purple Sage Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens'

Golden Marjoram Origanum vulgare 'Aureum'
Red Shallots

Planted out:
Cauliflower Macerata
Salad Burnett
Alyssum Royal Carpet
Cauliflower Mini
Salad Burnett
Alyssum Royal Carpet
Planted into the Fridge Wicking Beds 11 & 12
Strawberry Runners 'Alinta' (PBR) & Hokowase into some 'Besser Blocks' (cinder/concrete blocks??) I've placed at the end of the Fridge Beds
Red Shallots into the Herb Bed next to the Fridge Beds

The Fridge Wicking Beds have been emptied and moved over into the Kitchen Garden as I begin the re-design to downsize the garden. Doc has been very helpful cutting back dead tree limbs and moving the heavy stuff. That is in between a major re-vamp of his workshop.
The bed next to the Fridge Wicking Beds is destined to become a bed of herbs and flowers with a bird bath in the middle and a smaller wicking worm bed behind that. 

 Clearing the Oregano from this bed seems never ending. Any small piece left in the ground will shoot. Argh!!!

To see how we built our greenhouse from old windows go here 

In this post I describe how we built the Fridge Wicking Beds using Hugelkultur. They have been re-built in the same way.

This is where I get the weather info from just type your postcode in the Search bar and click Go!


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