Saturday, 4 May 2013

Update: April Week 4

The soil is damp from recent light rain...volunteer seedlings are popping up in the garden as are the inevitable weeds...with a flurry of planting out and seedling growth it feels more like spring. These volunteer Amaranth in the Old Chook Run Garden have provided some tasty additions to stir fries.

Lowest Min 5.1C
Highest Max 27.1C
7.5mm Rain

Potting on:

French Tarragon
Pelargonium Ivy - several small cuttings from spring
Pelargonium Scented Orange
Pineapple Sage

Raspberry Smooth Stemmed
Pelargonium Ivy Red
Pelargonium Scented Orange


Planted out:
Beetroot seedlings (purchased nameless)
Broccoli Chinese Kailaan seedlings
Onions White seedlings (purchased nameless)
Silverbeet White Silver seedlings
Alyssum Royal Carpet seedlings for colour
These have been planted into Bed 17
Red Veined Sorrel
Planted into Bed 14


The chill in the air at this time of year turns the leaves on the Lemon tree yellow just as the fruit begins to ripen.


At last I have tasted some of the Midyim Berries (Austromyrtus dulcis)...I had read that the taste of these resembled "Vicks Vapour Drops" (cough and cold lozenges sold in OZ) and have to admit that I believe this to be true. Quite odd for a berry that you might expect to be sweet!


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