Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sorrel, Sorrel, Sorrel.

Three types of Sorrel!

French Sorrel Rumex scutatus I found one of these in our local garden shop in amongst the herb pots
Garden/Common Sorrel Rumex acetosa seeds from Eden Seeds
Red Veined Sorrel Rumex sanguineus seeds from Green Harvest

Sorrel is a useful perennial leafy green that seems to do well all year round in my garden. As long it gets some water it provides year round greens for the chooks and the new tender leaves are a useful addition to salads in small amounts.
Here's a link to an older post back in 2007 on French Sorrel.

Earlier this year I split the pot of French Sorrel and made 4 new plants. I dug up a clump of Garden Sorrel from the garden and have 5 new plants now I am looking forward to seeing what the Red Veined variety looks like - from the photos on Green Harvest here it looks great.
Red Veined Sorrel also known as Red Dock, Bloodwort, Bloodleaf, Bloody Dock, Wood Dock and possibly other names!

Already on these small seedlings you can see signs of the red colouring!

One point to remember though: Sorrel can be invasive (sorrel is a weed in some folks minds especially in farming areas) so I try very hard to never let it flower by snipping back any sign of any central leading shoot that resembles a flower stalk!!


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