Saturday, 11 May 2013

Late Zucchinis

The seeds for these Early Zucchinis came from Inspiration's Seeds in Tasmania  and were sown in containers in the greenhouse at the end of August last year.
At the end of October this zucchini (one of 3 leftover seedlings) was planted into the ground at the base of the mound garden bed in the Old Chook Run Garden.

Unlike the other 2 that were planted nearby this one survived the onslaught of earwig attack...and being smothered most of the summer by a rampant pumpkin vine. Since I cleared the pumpkin out the zucchini has taken off.

It is now May and we are days away from the first frost and it is still pumping out tasty zucchinis. Normally I would have planted some more zucchinis in January but that didn't happen this season...

As this plant was in a fairly isolated and sheltered position I decided to save what I thought was the last zucchini for seeds but this plant had other ideas. That was a few months ago.
The large zucchini that has been earmarked for seed is still sitting there while all around the new growth has been happening.

It looks like it was a good plant to choose for seed saving. In April alone it produced over 2.5kgs of fruit and is still growing strong.

This post from 2007 is a basic guide to growing zucchini. 


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