Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Update: April Week 3:

The weather is cooling at last and quickly the leaves are changing colour before the cold of winter strips them from the trees and vines.

Lowest Min 4.6C
Highest Max 23.4C
19mm Rain


Kohl Rabi in Bed 2 top up of ones stolen by thieves!!! probably earwigs
Spinach Tape in bed 9

Potting on:
Cabbage Red Dutch
Cauliflower Macerata Green
Crystal Leaf
Red Choi

Blueberry Evergreen "Nellie Kelly"
Golden Daisy Bush Euryops pectinatus
Rosemary Pink
Variegated Elderberry

 Planted out:
Cabbage Red Choi in bed 9
Onions Red in Bed 2 Purchased seedlings
Parsley Curled
Parsley Italian into Bed 14 with the Loganberry


We are busily clearing areas and moving beds in between I chop back plants I take cuttings so I'll have more to plant around the garden later.

The Blueberry cuttings came from a broken piece off a damaged plant from Bunnings. The man there marked the price down by half and said I could easily take some cuttings from the broken bit...(do you think he knew me??) 
I know Blueberries will struggle to grow here in our alkaline soil but... 
  • I've bought some acid potting mix and 
  • I will only water it with rain water and
  •  it will be living in a wicking tub BUT 
  • now I've found out I'll need to get another one for better pollination!


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