Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Update: April Week 2

Lots of new seedlings ready for potting up this week as the weather stays warm. Still no sign of any rain though...

Lowest Min 9.8C
Highest Max 30.5C
No Recorded Rain

Potting on:

Cabbage Red Dutch
Cauliflower Mini
Lettuce Red and Green Salad mix
Alyssum Royal Carpet
Kale Red Bor

Kale Vates Blue 
Purchased Curled and Italian Parsley seedlings 

Planted out:
Plarsley Curled
Parsley Italian
Celery Tendercrisp
Added to the Garlic in Bed 10

Not a lot happened in the garden last week. We were busy making toys for Microman's First Birthday!!!! His party had a Milk and Cookies theme!
Poppy Doc was busy in the workshop building a great Truck Baby Walker which happens to fit a certain set of twins in the front!! Microman himself didn't mind a ride!
I made an Elephant Softie from a pattern by Sarah at Dolls and Daydreams Here  and a Monster Bib from Stubbornly Crafty Here.  I also made a couple of Monster Softies (from Here) for the grandtwins so they didn't feel left out of all the celebrations!


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