Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I'm busy picking Apricots and drying them.

We are starting the New Year with a heatwave  :(

Tues 37C
Wed 37C
Thurs 41C
Fri 43C (109.4F)
Sat 38C
Sun 42C
Mon 42C

I hope some of the garden will survive while we try to stay cool!
I do hope it is cooler where you are!


  1. I hope all - people, animals and plants will come through this heatwave unscaved. Thinking of you and the rest of the hot parts of the country today.

    1. Hello Elisabeth
      Thank you for your thoughts...we need all the help we can get. There will be losses in the garden we can except that and know there are others worse off than us.
      I hope the hot weather doesn't carry over to your side of the country.

  2. My garden seems to have survived the heat wave with minimal damage, a few burnt pumpkin and lettuce leaves.

    Re drying, do ants stay out of your dryer? Is it too hot for them? I would love to try drying outside in the sun but can't think of how to keep the ants away.

    1. Hi Jason
      The heat has been a battle...this is our first "cool" day so far and I've spent most of it cooking.

      The dryer in the photo is an electric one See this link that was quite expensive but I love it. It dries the fruit very quickly and is thermostatically controlled so the fruit doesn't burn.

      We have made a couple of outside types like this one on Doc's blog that we mainly use for grapes as they take so long to dry.

      As you see in the link if you put the legs of the unit (or table) into buckets or containers of water it will keep the ants out. It works well.
      Up here we have problems with dust blowing into town from local farms. It no doubt contains many farm chemicals so that is why we cover the unit with curtains which also helps to keep other bugs and flies out too.


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