Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Update: Week 2 of October 2012

 The Loganberry is flowering, it won't be long before the fruit is ready...yum!

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -0.9C
Lowest Max 12.8C
Highest Max 27.4C
10mm Rain

We missed the snow (thankfully), got some rain and light hail but had a frost during last week's Antarctic Blast of cold weather. Higher farms surrounding town reported snow (for a short while) and many townships in our state reported heavier falls. The weather continued over into the Eastern states where heavy snowfalls were recorded. This has to be Spring Downunder!!! According to local Weather Lore (from garden club members) if we get snow here it means it won't rain for six weeks and we are in need of some decent rain before Christmas. Up to the end of September our 'rain to date' total was 216mm (av 258mm) so we have a bit of catching up to do to even get an average rainfall total this year.

No Propagation this week so I thought I'd list some recent plant purchases:
Pink Jasmine Jasminum polyanthum
Pincushion Flower Mauve Scabiosa caucasica
Pink Daisy the label read "a pretty daisy that needs a home"
Native Hibiscus Alyogyne huegeliiSucculant (??)
Grevillea bipinnatifida hybrid Mason's Hybrid
Correa backhousiana x reflexa Marian's Marvel
Callistemon citrinus Purple Cloud
Eremophila maculata Compact Form
Eremophila racemosa Showy
Strawberry Plants Alinta (PBR) Day Neutral (which had big strawberries already on them!!!!)
French Sorrel Rumex scutatus
Basil Red Ocimum var.
These have been bought from local plant store sales, market stalls and a plant stall at a Fundraising Garden Stroll Doc took me to on the weekend.

I just couldn't go past these Strawberry plants...look at that fruit!

The Roma Tomato seedlings survived the frost hidden among the Garlic and safe under a mesh cover!

The Potatoes are all growing through now...the Blue Sapphires are ready for their first hill-up of soil. The Pea Beans in this bed will need their trellis attached asap! These too were covered during the cold snap.

But the beans in Bed 3 don't look very happy but they have healthier looking new growth so might benefit from a dose of liquid feed about now.
The eagerly awaited Asparagus is now just emerging...
...maybe it knew that cold snap was coming!!
I'm harvesting Broad Beans from Bed 10 in the Main Vegetable Garden

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newest Map of our place HERE This is updated as planting/changes occur.


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