Monday, 27 August 2012

The Seeds Have Been Chosen: Part 2

My list of seeds for Spring and Summer planting continues...with notes and reasons for choice on some. :)
I'll split them up into suppliers lists:
Inspiration's Seeds
A new seed supplier this year with unusual varieties selected for cooler climates.

Bean - Domino Bush Phaseolus vulgaris
aka Black Turtle Bean 50 x 40 cm growth Pink flowers
Optimal Soil temp 25C  
I haven't grown actual "Black" beans before.

Bean - Pea Climbing Known as Phaseolus aegypticus or Phaseolus vulgaris
Grow to 2.5 metre have yellow, orange flowers
7cm flat green pods. Eat when small or dry for storage
Seeds half white half red
Optimal Soil temp 25C  
Chosen for colour of seed and because of their ability to be used dried

Bean Tepary - Phaseolus acutifolius
Bush growth 50 x50cm growth 5 cm Brown seeded beans 
Blue Speckled seeded
50x60cm bushy plant Pink flowers
Hood White Seeded
White Flowers 50 x 50cm growth
Optimal Soil temp 7-21C  
I have decided to grow Tepary Beans again because of their performance in hot conditions and these seed colours sounded interesting.

Sweetcorn - Black  Zea mays
Optimal Soil temp 25C
Seeds prefer darkness for germination
Chosen because I haven't seen Black Sweetcorn before!

Tomato - Oregon Spring Lycopersicon  esculentum
12cm fruit Red few seeds Determinate plant
Optimal Soil Temp 16-35C
Chosen for size (for a determinate)

Tomato - Roma Lycopersicon  esculentum
Pear shaped Best staked 
Optimal Soil Temp 16-35C
Chosen on past performance of this variety

Zucchini - Early Cucurbita pepo
Early Pale green early. Fleshy with few seeds.
Optimal Soil temp 35C at least for germination
Chosen for colour and earliness


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