Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some Freebie PDFs

Check out The Rodale Inc webpage for a host of FREE downloadable PDFs on all kinds of Organic Gardening info. On This Link.
The list includes:

A Seed Starting Chart...don't be put off by the fact this is US based as it's just a chart that you fill in with your own details (like last frost date) so you can work out the best times to sow seeds indoors in Spring/Winter and chart when you plant them out. 

Companion Planting Made Easy...A 39 page guide which should come in handy for planning what goes where in the garden.

A 64 page guide called Good Bug, Bad Bug even though it's US based again many of the bugs are the same as we have here in Australia.

Or a 48 page booklet filled with Weekend Garden Projects...should keep Doc busy for a while!!!

Another is called Wacky Garden Helpers From Your Kitchen...53 Ways to Feed your Soil, Pamper Your Plants and Drive Away Pests!

There are more, go check them out but don't miss the opportunity to read the first ever issue of Rodale's Organic Farming and Gardening from May 1942!


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