Friday, 18 May 2012

Basil in May

Back in February (see here) I told you about the Basil Seed Mats from Mr Fothergill's. I thought it was time to post an update.

Late in March I transplanted the growing seedlings into a Wicking Box I have in the Greenhouse. They took off in the extra warm Autumn weather we had and are now ready for a first harvest.

With minor frosts occurring regularly now I am glad I put these into the greenhouse so far they have suffered no frost damage. It's great to have fresh Basil from the garden at this time of the year.

I have cut each plant almost in half so this should encourage a bushier growth pattern.

I am looking forward to using these little seed mats for my Spring sowing of Basil as I believe every seed germinated and they were so easy to use.

Check out the rest of the seeds in this range too.
Flat Leaved Parsley


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