Monday, 27 February 2012

Basil Seed Mats

Last month I was contacted by the folks at Mr Fothergill's to try out some of their products. A box of goodies soon arrived and last week I had time to check out some of the things in it.

The Basil Seed Mats caught my eye
as I reckon I can get another crop of this to grow
before it gets too cold here.

These are great little 8cm rounds of tissue type paper with several seeds enclosed within.

You just fill a small pot with good quality potting mix lay the tissue round on top and cover with more potting mix.

They are easily watered as the seeds won't be dislodged.

I shall leave a couple of seedlings in this pot and pot up the rest for a late season harvest of fresh Sweet Genovese Basil.

Even with our heat over the last week
these seedlings were up in a matter of days.

Other herbs in this range are Coriander, Flat Leaved Parsley and Chives. See here.

I would be interested to hear from anyone else has tried these seed mats and how you went.
Either leave a comment below or feel free to Email Me.

More from the box of goodies soon...


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