Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Cool Start to Summer

December week 1:

The front garden has recently
become a playground for these two young
Top Knots aka Crested Pigeon - Ocyphaps lophotes
Info Link Here

A cool start to the first month of Summer downunder in SA.
On the first of December the minimum temperature dropped to only 3C
Maximum temps have been climbing slowly from 23C to end the week on 33C.

Zucchini nero di Milano (Organic) Cucurbita pepo from The Italian Gardener
This is for late December planting out.

Potting on/up:
Eggplant Casper
Eggplant Long Purple
Lavender Munstead Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead' - purchased seedlings

The second planting (direct seeded) of Runner Beans
has overtaken the seedlings...
...a note to self for next year
- don't bother growing Runner Beans
as seedlings for transplanting!

Did you know?...
The white flowers of gourds are pollinated
by insects during the night!

Purple Orach (Mountain Spinach)
- a colourful 'greens' plant for summer.

More colour in the Red Bor Kale
but I think it would be happier growing through winter.


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