Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Garden

This is a Christmas photo garden. It's very green for this time of the year following our recent heavy rains.

The shade covers are up already mainly because we have been on hail alerts with the thunderstorms. Yesterday was a scorching 38C so the shades will stay up now.
Another thunderstorm last night was a dry one with very little rain this time.

Here is what was picked from the Garden for Christmas Dinner:
  • Potatoes in a variety of colours
  • Rondo de Nice Zucchini (courgette)
  • Baby Leeks to have "au gratin"
  • colourful Carrots from the bathtub bed
  • colourful Beans called Tongues of Fire
  • mixed greens with the Cabbage and Red Kale.
Onions, Sage, Lemon Thyme (oops I forgot to photograph that one) and Lemon Verbena to make the stuffing for the free range chicken (no not one of our chooks!!!)


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