Thursday, 13 October 2011

So Many Eggs

Last months egg total was 224 and yes as Matron commented that is a lot of eggs.
I use a lot in baking and we eat eggs for breakfast regularly but this is still too many eggs.

I like to freeze the excess supply for use later in the year when the girls aren't as productive.

To freeze eggs I use the method from Jackie French's Chook Book:

Per cup of Beaten Egg use 10g (2 teaspoons) of Sugar to use them in baking or 3g Salt for savoury use (scrambled eggs, egg slices, quiches etc).

The sugar/salt is to stop them thickening according to Jackie and I haven't tried it without.

I freeze them 2 at a time for baking and 6 at a time for savoury because most of the recipes I use need them in those amounts.

There are other ways of freezing eggs but I find this way most convenient.

Next on the list Doc wants to try a batch of Pickled Eggs!


  1. I'm so jealous, our chooks have all gone off the lay as we head into winter, I can't wait till the spring glut so that I can try your freezing method-thanks for the tip

  2. Hi freerangegirl
    I find the frozen eggs so useful in the middle of winter when I really feel like doing some baking.
    We see a drop off in egg production during our summer heatwaves too, so the more eggs I have away the better!

  3. The frozen eggs are a good idea even though when the girls are so productive it is hard to imagine them slowing down.

  4. Hi Tracy
    I usually think that way but this year I have made a point of getting some eggs away.

    This lot of chooks probably won't lay during next winter as they are getting a bit older now. We are not ready to get any new ones yet so I'm making sure I don't have to buy eggs next winter!!!

  5. Wow now I have learnt something....freezing eggs.....on with my plan for getting chooks in my backyard

  6. I've always wondered about that, it seems a bit weird to freeze eggs but we have them coming out our ears at the moment so I might have to give it a try. I hate buying eggs in the winter because they're never as good, even if you get the best ones you can.


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