Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fortnightly update: 26:08:2011

"Small Hail" the weatherman said!!!

Weather highlights
The weather had been cold and miserable for the first week (13-19 August) so nothing was sown, potted on or planted out!

We did get 21mm of rain and even a quick downpour of Hail!!!

Last weekend it brightened up and we were outside working in the garden!!!
The end of the rain brought warm, sunny days but frosty mornings, not severe frosts but enough to put ice on the cars.

Beetroot Chioggia (Candy Stripe Beet) Beta vulgaris from Eden Seeds
Carrot Daucas carota:
  • Amsterdam Forcing (orange) from The Lost Seed
  • Lobbericher (golden yellow) From Southern Harvest Seeds
  • Lubyana (yellow) from The Lost Seed
  • St Valery (orange) from The Lost Seed
Chamomile German (Sweet False Chamomile) Matricaria chamomilla from New Gippsland Seeds
Savory Summer Satureja hortensis from New Gippsland Seeds
Savory Winter Satureja montana from New Gippsland Seeds
Zaatar Origanum syriaca from Green Harvest

Some flowers for companion planting:
Alyssum Carpet of Snow Lobularia maritima from DT Brown
Alyssum Royal Carpet Lobularia maritima from DT Brown
Cosmos Purity Cosmos bipinnatus from Mr Fothergill's Seeds
Salvia Blaze of Fire Salvia splendens from Mr Fothergill's Seeds
Zinnia Lilliput Zinnia elegans from DT Brown

Some Natives:
Black Coral Pea Kennedia nigricans from Southern Harvest Seeds
Sticky Hop Bush Dodonaea viscosa from Southern Harvest Seeds

Potting on/up:
Celery American Stringless (purchased seedlings)
Leeks Bulgarian Giant
Leeks Elephant
Lettuce Gloria
Silverbeet Green
Silverbeet Rainbow Mixed
Raspberry Smooth from New Gippsland Seeds

Double White Marguerite Daisy Argyranthemum frutescens
False Balm of Gilead Cedronella triphylla
Grape Ruby Red
Grape Thompson Seedless

Free from the garden:
Alyssum volunteers
Calendula seeds to spread around

Osteospermum volunteers,
it's always a surprise to see what colour they end up

Planting out:
Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield
Cauliflower Mini
Celery American Stringless
Kale Red Bor
Lettuces - Goldrush, Drunken Woman, Red Coral
Purple Mizuna
A couple of each went into a new Tank Wicking Bed
Potato Cranberry Red Home 2 large ones saved from last years crop
These were cut and two pieces went into each of 3 large Wicking Pots

The carrots have been planted into an old bathtub. The bed was made by filling the lower section with rocks and leafy weeds. It was then topped up with clean sandy soil. Dripper lines have been attached and the carrots sown. I hope the earwigs will leave the carrot seedlings alone this year!!

Two small tank Wicking Beds are now in place near the Cob Oven. One has been filled with compost, coir, some good garden soil and the lower tray of the worm farm which included a number of worms! Planted up with Brassicas, Celery, Coriander and Lettuces, mulched, then covered with a net curtain until a proper net cover can be attached.

I'll catch up with the Harvest Tally and Egg totals in the end of the month wrap up during the week.

Edited 28 Aug 11 because some seeds disappeared off the screen... redfaceredfaceredface


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