Monday, 1 November 2010

They're Back!!!

Scarecrow's Garden Log: 30:10:2010:

The plum tree is being rescued from an aphid attack,
by the ladybirds, again this year. lollollol

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 2C

Lowest Max 18.8C

Highest Max 26.8C

28mm Rain

What's the weather been like in the garden?
Good this week...a mix of warm days with rain to end the week!

But on the 7 day forecast we have a frost alert...on the first of November...time to cover everything up again and move tender young seedling back into the hothouse! Argh!!!

Mangelwurzels Cornucopia Seeds
Beetroot Golden Detroit 4Seasons Seeds
Beetroot Forono DT Brown
Beetroot Detroit Red Globe DT Brown
Kohl Rabi Purple Vienna DT Brown

Potting up:
Pumpkin Potimarron

Planting out:

Corn Salad
Galangal Red Alpinia galangal info link
Lettuce red and green mix
Spring Onions
Tomato Kotlas
Tomato Silvery Fir Tree
Yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius info link

In the Garden This week:

Salad greens and spring onions were planted into Wicking Boxes under the back pergola to replace the coriander and endives that were going to seed.

The tomatoes went into the second new wicking bed in the old Chook Run area. A piece of 'Weldmesh' wire down the middle of the bed is supported outside the wicking bed for them to grow up.

Galangal was planted in the Keyhole bed along with one Yacon plant that I had grown in the hothouse over winter from a piece of tuber dug up earlier in the year.

The Loganberry and Strawberries
are full of flowers in the Kitchen Garden.

At The Community Garden:

The shed is up and ready to hold the tools and stuff we have been collecting for use in the garden. All this stuff has been housed in the big shed at the top of the hill and we have had to climb the hill each time we needed anything!!!

Trees For Life bales of growing mix have been delivered to the Community Garden where we will be running the new distribution depot this more travelling to the depot nearly 80kms away!
Volunteer growers will come to pick up the boxes of growing mix, gravel mulch, fertilizer, tubes, seeds and growing information on distribution day in a couple of weeks time.

Weekly Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making.
Broad Beans Early Long Pod***150g
Garlic Purple Monaro***20g
Silverbeet Rainbow Mixed***81g
Peas Roi de Carouby Snow***76g
Broccoli Purple Sprouting***90g


28 From the 5 Farmyard Ferals
21 From the 4 Barnevelders
19 From the 5 Faverolles

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newest Map of our place HERE

The Main Vegetable Garden layout for 2010 can be found HERE

* edited 2/11/10 to add info links for Galangal and Yacon and to correct the botanical name for Yacon.


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