Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Busy at the Community Garden

Scarecrow's Garden Log: 20:11:2010:

A yellow Water Iris is flowering in one of the front ponds.

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min 5C
Lowest Max 21.3C
Highest Max 30C
No Recorded Rainfall

What's the weather been like in the garden?
The temperature continues to climb into the 30Cs...soon it will be time to put the shade covers up!

Tomato Red Cherry DT Brown
Tomato Black Cherry Home Saved Seeds
Tomato Kotlas The Lost Seed
Zucchini Cocozelle The Lost Seed
Rockmelon Hales Best DT Brown
Beans Winged Eden Seeds
Dill Grower's Pride
Beans Climbing Purple King DT Brown

Potting up:
Strawberry Chandler
Basil Sweet
Cucumber Green Gem
Cucumber Lebanese
Cucumber Marketmore
Lettuce Goldrush
Lettuce Purple Oakleaf
Pumpkin Butternut Hercules
Shungiku (Edible Chrysanthemum)
Tomato Ida Gold
Watermelon Moon and Stars
Watermelon Sugar Baby

In the Garden This week:

During the week everything had a good drink of worm brew.
See here for how I make it.

Purple King Climbing Beans planted in Bed 3
on a lightweight, homegrown bamboo tripod.

I am hopeful of tasting some Sweet Appleberries Billardiera cymosa
later this season with the plant flowering right now.
info link

I have stopped picking young Broad Beans
to allow them to get bigger.
They will then be podded before freezing
for adding to casseroles and soups.

Speaking of pods...the Carob has pods!

Those Strawberries keep on coming!

At The Community Garden

Trees For Life Distribution Depot
Doc and a helper filled 150 boxes with growing mix while I was busy 'managing' the depot!!
All ran smoothly as most of the growers collected their boxes (and other supplies) on the day with 3 more who arranged to pick up Monday morning at 10am.
We were closely watched by the resident Bearded Dragon (now named Ralph) once again. This time from within the garden on our mulch heap and then he went to check out the manure heap!

This Noisy Miner Bird (Manorina melanocephala) was just outside the fence catching locusts thank you!
It was taking the food to it's nest where 3 hungry mouths awaited!

On Tuesday the Project Manager was allowed to borrow the hospital's little tractor and moved most of the manure in position next to each of the growing tank beds and filled the tank beds which are not going to be made into wicking beds.

On Friday a very pleasant day was spent weeding the windbreak, whipper snipping (brushcutting) the edges, collecting rocks, flattening the ramps to the shed and shadehouse and fixing a few other jobs before we shared a couple of homemade pizzas and coffee.

While we were working Ralph the Bearded Dragon crossed through the garden to the pony paddock for some hunting while Mrs Ralph stayed on their rock mound and kept a close eye on him!

Weekly Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making.
Onions Red***369g
Celery Tendercrisp***244g
Broad Beans Early Long Pod***430g
Shallots Greens***50g

13 From the 5 Farmyard Ferals
23 From the 4 Barnevelders
25 From the 5 Faverolles

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newest Map of our place HERE


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