Tuesday, 12 October 2010

New Plants

Scarecrow's Garden Log: 09:10:2010:

This Dutch Iris is flowering this year
it hasn't flowered for 2 years

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -0.2C

Lowest Max 17C

Highest Max 26.2C

No Recorded Rainfall

What's the weather been like in the garden?
The days are warming up now but we still had a couple of below zero (just) morning temps but the soil is warming up...nearly ready for spring planting!

Scattering seeds around the edge beds, calendula, sunflower and nasturtium.

Potting up:
Fennel Florence
Amaranth Leaf
Queen Ann's Lace
Basil Lemon

Planting out:
Petunia Moonface Petunia x hybrida
Marigold Jezebel Tagetes erecta
Larkspur Delphinium consolida
Alyssum Lobularia maritimae
Curled Leaf Parsley Petroselinum sativum
California Poppy Eschscholzia californica


Split a new pot of Nepeta hederacea variegata into 4 new plants
3 more Loganberry cuttings
Single White Marguerite Daisy

In the Garden This week:
After Sunday's market Doc let me loose in my favourite nursery where I bought Nepeta hederacea variegata , Russian Thyme Thymus nitidis, Peppermint Geranium Pelargonium tomentosum, Chilli Jalepeno Capsicum frutescens var, Chilli Yatsufusa Capsicum frutescens var, Double White Marguerite Daisy Argyranthemum frutescens, Double Pink Marguerite Daisy Argyranthemum sp and seedlings Marigold Jezebel Tagetes erecta, Petunia Moonface Petunia x hybrida,

More potting on, digging up and dividing plants.

With the temperature on the rise already I'm busy:
  • mulching plants already in the garden
  • trimming back some of the winter growth
  • clearing beds for new season seedlings
  • trapping earwigs,
  • catching millipedes, grasshoppers, moths and snails
  • re-designing, checking and attaching dripper/watering systems

While I was digging up a dripper hose to change a connection I found it was stuck on something.

As I dug down I found a Sweet Potato! It was wedged under an edging sleeper and squashing the hose!
It seems the sweet potatoes survive in the soil better than out of it over our cold winters here. None of the cuttings I took last season survived through the winter.
I have ordered more cuttings (from Greenpatch seeds).
I also have an organic sweet potato living on the heat tray hoping it will shoot. Maybe there are more tubers hiding underground to re-sprout this year!!!

Rock Rose Pink Cistus X purpureus

Weekly Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making.
Asparagus ***129g
Beetroot Golden***339g
Broccoli Purple Sprouting***304g
Carrots Red Cored Chantenay***1031g
Celery Tendercrisp***20g
Mangelwurzel leaves***150g
Peas Roi de Carouby Snow***201g
Sweet Potato***425g

24 From the 5 Farmyard Ferals
19 From the 4 Barnevelders
26 From the 5 Faverolles

To see how the various Garden areas fit on our half acre block check out the newish Map of our place HERE


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