Friday, 30 April 2010

Product Review - FISKARS

Autumn is a great time to get out in the garden and start to get some of the pruning started. We can work longer without collapsing in the heat! As long as the weather doesn't suddenly turn wet (ha! I wish) everything can be tidied up before the winter sets in and it's too cold to do much outside.

A while ago the Australian distributors of FISKARS garden tools asked me to review their new range of garden hand tools. These products appealed to me (and Doc, my arthritic pruning helper) as they have recently been endorsed by Arthritis Australia and Arthritis New Zealand.
The FISKARS products that have been accredited are –
- All three of FISKARS PowerGear™ Hand Pruners.
- Two of FISKARS PowerGear™ Loppers.
- One of FISKARS PowerGear™ Hedge Shears.

Facts on arthritis from Arthritis Australia:

- Nearly one in five Australians; 3.85 million are living with arthritis.
- 2.4 million or 62% of those with arthritis are of working age (15 - 64 years).
- You are more likely to get arthritis than heart disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes or mental illness.
- By 2050, 7 million Australians are likely to be living with arthritis, an increase of 83%.

So off to the Kitchen Garden to tidy up...first out of the box to try was the hand pruner/secateurs as I had some small pruning jobs to clear the way to the bigger stuff.

The first thing I noticed about these tools was the weight or lack of it. They are incredibly lightweight but have a quality that is easily felt. This makes long sessions of trimming back easy on the hand joints.

The second thing was the roll handle. I have tried using other secateurs with movable handles meant to ease the stress on the hand joints. These other products seemed to move too much! The handle of this tool moves just enough to do the job and it appears unlikely that they would become loose as other brands I have tried have done.

Next I moved up to the Loppers to attack the larger stems of the Perennial Sunflowers.
Again a very lightweight tool meant easier work.

The PowerGear™ really does make cutting through thicker stems easy. They sliced their way easily through the dried stems. They say "the PowerGear™ mechanism multiplies the cutting force of the lopper by nearly three times more than traditional single pivot loppers – less effort, more power. " We like the sound of that!

For the Rosemary Hedge I got to try out
their PowerGear™ Hedge Shears
and they did a brilliant job!

Again the weight and feel of the handles
was impressive and they cut along the full length of the blade.

...with a shock absorbing bumper for added comfort cool

These tools are being given a good workout during some of the jobs on that To Do List I have on the go at the moment! So far no swollen hands! That's great but it means I'm able to keep working longer outside and now my muscles are all aching! rolleyes smile

We will no doubt have more use for these products in the coming months as we get stuck into the winter pruning! wink


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