Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Strawberry Saga

The continuing heatwaves this year, which began in November, have taken their toll on the Strawberry harvest. I have repeatedly pruned and fed the plants to encourage flower production and fruit setting only to have the heat or pests (grasshoppers) wipe out the new growth and fruit. exclaim

Now the plants are sending out runners to reproduce. question

I would like to continue to get some fruit off these plants so I remove the tiny runner stems as I see them.

This encourages the plant to send up more flower stalks.

Bingo! We have fruit. biggrin

OK so I missed one of the runners. rolleyes
A few that do manage to grow can be used
to fill in a clear space in the Strawberry Bed! mrgreen

Note that in Australia it is recommended that you buy in fresh, certified healthy, strawberry stock plants every three or four years to prevent disease build up (spread by aphids) in your strawberry beds! cool


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