Monday, 25 January 2010

Wicking Bed Shade

Please click on the photo for a full size view!

Under the supervision of the Black Ninja Cat (who managed to keep well out of my way for a change! wink ) I prepared the Chookhouse Wicking Bed for growing greens this year.
Aged manure and soaked coir has been added with blood and bone and rock minerals Fecondo.

While this mixture sits and the worms do their thing I've mulched it well with straw that the chooks have cleaned of seeds and broken down.

With the temperature still up around 35-40C and the bed in full sun it was time to cover it with a simple Shadecloth structure.

We still have some 1.5 inch poly hose left over.
Tomato stakes are hammered into the ground at each corner (after Doc cut them to size)
This sized pipe slips easily over the stakes to form two hoops at each end of the bed.

Using small tech screws and pieces of cut 19mm hose as washers I attached a scrap piece of 50% shade cloth as a temporary shade.

Later, as the brassica seedlings are planted into the bed the shade cloth will be replaced with net curtains to fully enclose it and keep the Cabbage White Butterfly out.
It also keeps Aphids out too! eek


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