Saturday, 9 January 2010

More Heatwave Conditions

Unlike the Northworld folk who are freezing at the moment
we are, in true Aussie summertime tradition,
in the middle of yet another heatwave!

Chart clipped from the Elder's Weather site:
Friday's temperature rose to 38C (100F)
and temps are set to go higher for the next three days.
So that means early starts in the garden at 5am
and lots of extra shade over the garden!
I wonder if those thunderstorms will arrive on Tuesday!

Temporary shade to the western side
of the Main Veg Garden for the carrots and parsnips
on Bed 3.

On the other end of the garden shade
goes over the pathways too!

The Rhubarb was looking very stressed
but I found a spare piece of already hemmed 70% shadecloth
that I'm sure will do the trick.
Attached to 1.5 inch poly hose that fits over tomato stakes
it took 5 mins to put it up.

New seedlings need all the help they can get
on the propagation benches.

This bench is made from a trampoline frame
covered with corrugated iron
and the shade structure is another frame
with 50% shadecloth over it.

Extra shade from net curtains
stops the midday sun sneaking in the gap
and scorching the tiny seedlings.

Over in the Dog Pen Garden
some small Yellow Pear Tomato bushes
get an extra cover during the heat.

The wormfarm has been re-built with fresh bedding
and covered with an old curtain.
It can be sprinkled with water for a cool down.

The best shade of all is the edible kind! mrgreen
The Black Sultana vine on the back pergola
was tidied up (mainly tied up)
and now we wait for the grapes to ripen...yummy!


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