Monday, 11 January 2010

Community Garden Update: 11/1/10

On Monday 4 Jan. Mr Councilworker was back at the site
and this time brought a friend in a Bobcat with him.

A few hours later and we had the earthworks completed
but note the rock layer beneath the soil...typical of our town.

With the trench digger attachment on the Bobcat
the trench for the mains water piping was dug,

... much more easily than by hand. cool

The the post hole attachment was traded for the trencher
and the holes were dug for the fence posts...
...he'd finished in the time it would have taken
to dig one by hand (with a crowbar) rolleyes

Our group of five proceeded to lay the pipe
and back-fill the trench.

Later in the week one of the Heath Team organisers
managed to get these two huge bales of Pea Straw
from a farmer for FREE!!! mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen
He had to stop off at our place to collect Doc
to help him get them off the trailer.

It's starting to happen folks!!!!


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