Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 Statistics

Weather 2009

The total rainfall for 2009 was 346mm our yearly average is 364.6mm so we were below average again.

Jan 0.4mm.....Av. is 22.6mm
Feb 0mm.....Av. is 17.8mm
Mar 13mm.....Av is 21.7mm
Apr 31mm......Av. is 22mm
May 11.5mm.....Av. is 31.1mm
Jun 53mm......Av. is 33.9mm
Jul 35mm.....Av is 33.6mm
Aug 19.6mm.....Av is 37mm
Sept 65.5mm.....Av is 33.1mm
Oct 58mm.....Av is 29mm
Nov 55mm.....Av is 25.7mm
Dec 4mm.....Av. is 22.7mm

Highest maximum temperature was 44C on the 7th February.
Lowest minimum temperature was -3.3C on the 24th July.

The minimum temperature of -0.4C on the 29th of May was the first official frost of the winter.
The minimum temperature of -0.5C on the 15th of September was the last official frost of the winter.

Harvest 2009 total was 288.24kgs

Jan 09 harvest was 28.7kgs
Feb 09 harvest was 40kgs
Mar 09 harvest was 28.4kgs
Apr 09 harvest was 19.75kgs
May 09 harvest was 87.36kgs
Jun 09 harvest was 30.29kgs
Jul 09 harvest was 14.5kgs
Aug 09 harvest was 12.94kgs
Sept 09 harvest was 6.2kgs
Oct 09 harvest was 9.9kgs
Nov 09 harvest was 2.2kgs
Dec 09 harvest was 8kgs

Happy New Year everybody
Doc and Scarecrow

In 2010 may your be harvests be fruitful
and the weather just right
for your growing projects!



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