Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - September

Month September 2009

New growth on the Black Sultana Grapevines with flowers too!

The weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 30.5C on the 12th
Lowest Max 10.3C on the 26th
Highest Min 11.5C on the 17th
Lowest Min -2.3C on the 14th

Rainfall for the month was 65.5mm

The last week of September saw the horrible dust storms
from the north of our state (SA)
that ended up over on the Eastern seaboard of Australia!

Last harvests were being collected here the Romanesco Broccoli

then the beds were cleared
and topped up for spring planting

Bed 3 the new Carrots and Parsnips were showing through

In the orchard the Apricots were setting.

While the Apples flowered

Red Onions bulbing up well.

Hoverflies were busy, here with the Wallflowers

and here on the Red Stemmed Welsh Onion Flowers

Harvest for month 6.2kgs

The Farmyard Ferals had their run extended

And they shared their nesting spot!

The minimum temperature of -0.5C on the 15th was the last official frost of the winter.

For more details please go Here.


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