Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - October

Month October 2009

Nasturtiums survived the winter for the first time!

The Weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 35C on the 31st
Lowest Max 12.38 on the 1st
Highest Min 13.7C on the 31st
Lowest Min 0.6C on the 4th

Rainfall for the month was 58mm

We started the month with some good rainfall.
We even had puddles!!!

Growth was great in response to the rain,
in the Dog Pen Garden Beds

As well as the Main Vegetable Garden Beds!

Strawberries began to ripen

Despite the ever present
European Earwigs Forficula auricularia

Harvest for month9.9kgs

First ripe Ida Gold Tomatoes

The Community Garden site was measured, marked out
and I did a few soil tests on samples from it.

We had a full seedling tray of
Old Man Saltbush Atriplex nummularia
seedlings donated for use in the Community Garden windbreak!

For more details please go Here.


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