Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - November

Month November 2009

Red Cabbage

The Weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 41.8C on the 18th
Lowest Max 18.5C on the 29th
Highest Min 22.2C on the 20th
Lowest Min 3.4C on the 4th

Rainfall for the month was 55mm

At the beginning of the month everything was in bloom:

The Bottlebrush out the front,

the Dusty Miller

and the Yellow Yarrow for the hoverflies!

The ladybirds came to the rescue again!

As the temperatures began to rise during
a record breaking November heatwave...

the shade cloth went up over the main vegetable beds.

The storm that arrived with the cool change
brought down our favourite eucalypt in the front garden.

With all the heat the Harvest for month was only was too hot to think about food!

During the month we picked up
our long awaited new chickens.
5 Faverolles and 5 Barnevelders.

They were soon introduced to the joys of devouring Earwigs!

Towards the end of the month
the Apples were forming on the trees!

That tray of Old Man Saltbush Atriplex nummularia
donated to the Community Garden
yielded over 150 seedlings which I potted up
and grew on at my place.

For more details please go Here.


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