Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - March

Month March 2009

During March we had our garden open
for a couple of groups to visit
and learn about wicking beds, shade structures
and cob ovens!

The weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 32.9C on the 20th
Lowest Max 18.5C on the 15th
Highest Min 16.5C on the 3rd
Lowest Min 2.9C on the 19th

Rainfall for the month was 13mm

In the Main Vegetable Garden the main beds were planted up

and then covered with net curtains to keep the pests off!

My trial planting of Spudz in a Bin wicking bed style!

As a visual to explain the Wicking Bed system for the open days
we built this simple demo tub from a small plastic aquarium
from the cheapo shops!
Everyone could see exactly how
the water wicked up through the soil to the plant roots.

It's always exciting when new creatures hatch.
These dragonfly larvae emerge from the water in the ponds,
peel themselves out of their old shells
and hang themselves to dry on the shadecloth

Harvest for month 28.4kgs

Purple Basil ran amok

The Garlic Chives setting seed.

More Sunflowers were rescued from the birds

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