Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - January

Month January 2009

The main Vegetable Garden with it's shelter of giant sunflowers.

The Weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 43.5C on the 28th
Lowest Max 13.8C on the 2nd
Highest Min 22.7C on the 29th
Lowest Min 7.4C on the 2nd

Rainfall for the month was 0.4mm

Harvest for month 28.7kgs

Red shallots Allium cepa

Strawberry Spinach Chenopodium capitatum
click here
to read more about this unusual plant
and here for the PFAF entry

I managed to fence off the Nashi
before those chooks got to them!

2009 was the year of the Pumpkin in Scarecrow's Garden

these small Golden Nuggets were prolific

and the Jumbo Pink Bananas were huge!

As well as providing shelter for the garden beds,
the sunflowers added so much colour and Bee fodder!

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