Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - December

Month December 2009

The first Eggplant (Casper) flowered!

The Weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 39C on the 23rd
Lowest Max 19C on the 10th
Highest Min 20.8C on the 17th
Lowest Min 3.3C on the 11th

Rainfall for the month was 4mm

The view of the Bushfood Bed before

...and after it's shade was built.

We managed to find a great source of straw
for mulching the garden
...after the chookies have searched through it for seeds!

Another Garden Helper
this time a wasp,
found dispatching a green looper!

The Apostlebirds found the main
electricity wire to the house
perfect for roosting
since they lost their tree to the storm.

Harvest for month 8kgs:

Best of all the Cherries 5118g

...that were eaten, dried and/or frozen!

Things starting to happen at the Community Garden block:

The new tank beds arrived and were put into storage,
an escapee Pony proved to be friendly,
new concrete posts for the fence arrived
...with the Pony's approval!

Just in time for Christmas Mr Council Worker
arrived and began earthworks's all happening now!!!

For more details please go Here.


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