Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in Photos - August

Month August 09

On chilly days Ninja kept me company in the hothouse.

The Weather - Temperatures:
Highest Max 25.8C on the 15th
Lowest Max 10.3C on the 1st
Highest Min 10.2C on the 16th
Lowest Min -2.5C on the 8th

Rainfall for the month was 19.6mm

Early seeds were germinating on a sunny window sill indoors

Doc and I expanded the Hothouse

The Tomatoes were flowering in there!

Outside the bees were busy
in the False Mallow Anisodontea capensis

and the plum trees were flowering early.

The cover came off Bed 1 in the main vegetable garden
to allow the bees access to the Broad Beans.

On Talkback Gardening
they say you can't do it
but the Rosemary I put in a jar of water sprouted roots!

Harvest for month 12.94kgs

Wonderful Brassicas to put in the freezer!

For more details please go Here.


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