Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Chilly Week

Scarecrow's Log: 12:07:2009:

This little fellow decided it was too cold out in the garden
so he moved inside near the fire
...don't blame him really.

Temperatures this week:
Lowest Min -2.1C
Lowest Max 10C
Highest Max 15C
6mm Rainfall

What's happening in the garden?
We had a couple of frosty mornings this week...

I threw a row cover over the nasturtiums in the Kitchen Garden...

just as well look what happened to the one I didn't cover.

I also covered the newly planted daisy bushes

but the frost still got to them a little!

I've planted some seeds of Acacia dealbata that Tully (from ALS) sent to me.
This plant is on the Acacia Study Groups list of "Wattle we plant for Scavenging Chooks: Permaculture Poultry using Acacias" from their newsletter number 98 available here as a pdf
So they should be a great asset in the chicken forage areas.
Tully also sent me some seeds (and some others) of the Native Passionfruit Capparis spinosa var nummularia to try in spring...she often sends me bush tucker seeds from her area out in the desert in NT.
Thank you Tully! biggrin

Seeds of Red Clover Trifolium pratense, Lucerne Medicago sativa (summer and winter active), Clover Dalkeith Trifolium repens have been scattered over the chook run area of the fruit garden. These legume plants are for a cover crop, mulch and nitrogen fixing in the soil.
With rain predicted for this weekend I spent some time spreading seeds around the garden, mainly, Calendula Calendula officinalis and Alyssum Lobularia maritima.

Planting out: around the new plantings in the chicken run.
Garden Sorrel Rumex acetosa
Lotus ‘Sunrise’ Lotus pedunculatus

New in the Garden This week:
My seed order arrived for spring planting...already! eek

Weekly Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making.
Carrots Purple Dragon***125g
Jerusalem Artichoke***200g
Duck Potatoes***500g

Plus a yummy mix of greens for soups/stirfries/salads...Kale, Lettuce, Watercress, Chives, Parsley, Sea Parsley, Soup Celery, Beetroot, Turnip and Swede Greens.

Plus 18 Eggs from the girls.


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