Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Slugs on the Red Choi

My planting of Cabbage 'Red Choi' F1 has been suffering attack from something.

It started life with a curtain cover but still some plants looked like this! eek
I have removed the curtain now keep a closer eye on things...

I laid some earwig traps and I have been catching a few each day (and lots of baby ones!)

I went out at night to check on what was happening and discovered...SLUGS eek
We have been getting rain lately and it has brought these pests out!

They can be trapped in old orange peels and here is the collection for that night.

I understand beer traps are good for these pests but we don't drink beer! razzrolleyes

This link has a few other options like port wine, sour milk, vegemite and water or honey and yeast. Might have to try one of those.

When I get these pests under control all the Red Choi can be healthy like this one!


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