Friday, 17 April 2009


I've been downloading a few podcasts lately...they are handy for loading on to my little mp3 player and listening to in the evenings. I've tried listening out in the garden but I miss the sounds of the birds too much. You can listen on line or download the files to hear later on your computer.

A regular last year was Emma Cooper's Alternative Kitchen Garden she's been really busy this year but all the old 'shows' are on her site to download or listen to. Emma loves growing unusual food crops and I love hearing the latest antics of her two chooks Hen Solo and Princess Layer.

The Survival Podcast has some thought provoking topics at times. The Garden tag has some episodes with helpful tips for growing your own food, collecting rainwater and generally storing food.
Jack's Tag-line is "Helping You Live The Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't"

Global Public Media have a collection of podcasts and videos relating to Post Carbon issues including a selection from Peak Moment TV found here that are available as audio downloads.
The site has transcripts of several of their shows here

Us Aussies can't overlook a local...Dig It Down Under is a monthly podcast by Riley Jordan in Victoria. While it's mostly general gardening she is developing a thriving vegetable garden.
This link is the archive of the past 9 shows. Riley does have a warning on the page though that the files can be up to 50mb so be warned!

For a fun listen why not try the very English Wiggly Wigglers Podcast live from the Wiggly Sofa. Yes very English in content but they do explore some great wildlife issues...and they love their worms!
Check them out here Their show's archive goes way back to 2005!

Staying in the UK why not check out Radio Scotland's...Scotland's Gardens...way out of my climate zone but interesting discussions on Berries and Apples and all sorts of garden topics.
If you enjoy that one it might pay to subscribe to it as they don't seem to have an archive of their shows.

Still overseas but this time in Canada one show I've been listening to for some time now is Deconstructing Dinner.
They have a long list of quite serious topics they've covered and all the shows are archived. Everything from Backyard Chickens to GMOs are covered in this weekly show.

For folks in SA The ABC Radio's Saturday Morning Talkback Gardening Show with Jon Lamb and Ashley Walsh is often interesting. The final hour each Saturday is recorded and is available to download. Subscribe on this link

While we're at the Adelaide ABC, the Tuesday Drive Show include a weekly spot on Beginner Veg Gardening this year with Sophie Thomson. You can download audio files from the blog here. Grant Cameron often has special guests speaking about Veg Gardening on Tuesday afternoons.

On this link you'll find an interesting collection of files to download from The 4th Annual Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Conference, held in Melbourne, Victoria, March 20 - 25, 2007.
Such speakers as Jackie French, Michel & Jude Fanton, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Dr. Vandana Shiva and David Holmgren are there, with many others, for some very interesting listening.
**Update 9/09: This podcast is no longer available! cry

I'm sure you'll find something on that list worth listening to...have fun! smile


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