Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I've just checked on my experimental spudz
in a wicking bin and found that they have sprouted.

Earlier last month I found an old rubbish bin that was too split to be very useful. Rather that drill holes in the base I decided to make it into a wicking pot. The plastic lined base has some sandy gravel mix in it and for watering I found a left over section of 2 inch ag pipe that is long enough to get the water down to the base.

I planted some Red Star potatoes that were dug up from the chook run and had put into a container ready to plant. They had sprouted well and needed to be planted.

The soil is moist under the mulch layer so it looks as though the wicking process is working. As I increase the layers it will be interesting to see how the wicking process goes...and how the potatoes grow. cool

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