Thursday, 26 February 2009

Today in the Garden.

We are on the way to a top temperature of around 38C again today so I had a quick look around the garden this morning to check on everything.

The Strawberry Tank bed has runners escaping...I shall take a few of these to establish another strawberry bed...the plants are only in their second year and fruited very well earlier in the season, so these runners should still be healthy enough to plant out.

The frame over the Tomatoes that are just re-sprouting after the heatwave has had a shadecloth cover thrown over for these 2 hot days we are expecting.

Thanks to Doc's quick thinking we scored a truckload of rainwater to fill our empty house tank. He heard that a tank had to be emptied to move it so he put his hand up for the water. mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen

The replenished rainwater tank will now supply the Aquatic Food Shadehouse again. Things are growing well in there but the Arrowhead is showing signs of leaf burn despite the 50% shadecloth would not have survived out in full sun. eek


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