Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bloggers Cope in the Heat

I haven't been on the computer much during this heatwave...apart from the threat of power blackouts it's just to hot for the computers to cope with the heat!

Early morning visits to some local (SA and Vic) blogs have shown some clever ways folks are coping in the heat.

Aldrum over in Melbourne has beat the heat on his Wicking Beds with his very clever shadecloth additions See the Hope Farm Journal post here

Foodnstuff is suffering in the heat in Melbourne too... This post has some very positive words on Wicking Boxes!

Maggie's garden in Adelaide is surviving the onslaught of heat. See how here

Deb from Nirvana Farm had this post about the heatwave on Friday

Margo over in Victoria is feeling the heat and is on standby for bush fires...The Good Life Down Under has had several posts this week about their preparations and the heat!

Poor Lucky1 has lost her worms from 2 of the box style worm bins Here...why do they make those things black? rolleyeseekrolleyes
Fortunately she has a lighter coloured worm farm that seems to have survived. smile

My Garden Log will have news from my garden during the week!
Stay cool everybody! cool


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