Friday, 23 January 2009

Our Seeds.

The Spring issue of the Australian Seed Saver's Network newsletter contained the following:
"Five years ago we conducted a survey on where Australian seed sellers source their seeds and were shocked to find that even the small non-hybrid companies import significant amounts of their stock.
Buying from small companies does not guarantee Australian seed, let alone local seed.

The best seed stock you can use is often close by and Local Seed Networks are in the best position to find, collect, multiply and redistribute them.
We need more of them."

That statement made me think! rolleyes

I usually prefer to buy from seed suppliers in the south of our country...
...I think I'll use our Local Seed Network (search here) more...

Seed Savers Network DVD
Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi

Is about:
local foods
seasonal food
village communities
cultures of saving and sharing...
seeds and plant materials


the impact of multinational exploitation of the above
the health issues now prevalent
the disintegration of indigenous lifestyles
the loss of traditional varieties

(at present) "The majority of rice production
by industrial farming is from FOUR varieties.... the 1970s there were over A HUNDRED THOUSAND
varieties grown in India alone

Something has happened very quickly
and continues to happen

Some videos on the subject of seeds/GMOs:
Gardens of Destiny with Dan Jason parts 1-8 Here
Aust SSN YouTube Channel Here
Dr. Vandana Shiva Interview From Planet Diversity (GMOs) Here
Dr. Vandana Shiva on Biodiversity, seed banks and suicide farmers Here

Other links of interest:
Do You Know Where Your Seeds Come From?
This is an interesting recent post from Path To Freedom...

The Seed Ambassadors Project
International Seed Saving Institute

Seed Savers Around the World:
Aust Seed Saver's Network
Hills and Plains Seedsavers - South Aust
Aust Local Seed Networks Search Here

Irish Seed Saver Association
Seed Savers Exchanges UK with links
Seed Savers Exchange USA
Seeds of Diversity Canada
Seed Savers NZ

Please let me know of other Seed Saving organisations (by country please or the list could be huge) to add to the list.

MASIPAG's cimme PROGRAM - Philippines
Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center USA
Thank you Mr H for these links and for the links to the "Gardens of Destiny" video that I found on your Subsistence Pattern blog wink
And the anonymous commenter for the Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center link as well! smile


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